Carson Recycling Services

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Recycling Services

      Garbage Pickup is every Wednesday. No construction material, grass clippings, leaves, brush, garden debris or hazardous material will be taken.  

The Town of Carson Mandatory Recycling Program

Recyclables are picked up once per month.
Please have items out by 6:00am.

Aluminum Cans
  • Place empty aluminum cans in recycling bin or paper bags.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars - Clear, Brown, Green
  • No need to remove labels
  • Remove caps and rings
  • Place unbroken, clean container glass in recycling bin or paper bags.
  • Cardboard
  • Flatten the cardboard
  • Bundle and tie with string. Size of bundles limited to 2' x 3'
  • Place clean cardboard next to recycling bin or place inside recycling bin or paper bags
  • Mixed Paper and Newspaper
  • Bundle newspaper and tie with string or place in brown paper bag
  • Put mixed paper in brown paper bag or bundle and tie with string
  • Place grocery bags of mixed paper and bundled newspaper in recycling bin or place next to bin
  • Plastic Products
  • Most #1 to #7 items except #1 brown bottles & #6 polystyrene
  • Clean and flatten
  • No motor oil or antifreeze bottles, even if they are labeled #1 or #2
  • Place #1 to #7 clean plastic bottles in recycling bin or paper bags
  • Tin Cans
  • Clean, remove the label and flatten
  • Place clean tin cans in recycling bin or paper bags
  • Motor Oil
  • Take motor oil to a local service station
  • Batteries
  • Return battery to retailer you purchased from
  • Appliances
  • Includes air conditioners, clothes washer & dryer, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, furnaces, boilers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, water heaters, refrigerators and stoves
  • Contact Veolia for current disposal and pick-up prices or take to the local landfill
  • Tires
  • Take to Advanced Disposable Cranberry Creek Landfill or a retailer that accepts tires for recycling. Fees apply
  • Building & Construction Materials
  • Contact any local hauler or Advanced Disposal at 421-3939 or 1-800-262-3101 for current fee
  • Yard Waste
  • Compost in your back yard or check with a local lansdscape

    NOTE: Glass does not include ceramic cups, dishes, ovenware, plate glass, safety and window glass, heat-resistant glass such as pyrex, lead-based glass such as crystal, or TV tubes
      Cardboard does not include waxed cardboard or "Chipboard" such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes and similar materials.
      Mixed papers does not include hand towels or other paper products from restrooms, or soiled napkins and paper plates. Also does not include carbon paper, cellophane, or any waxed paper
      Plastic bottles does not include motor oil or antifreeze bottles, even if they are labeled #1 or #2

    Please, No Plastic Bags